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January/February 2013


B32 Twilight (Team) Test Series :  17 Jan -14 Feb


We’re shakin’ things up in 2013. Join us for a true series, team-based event. In teams of 2, collect points across 3 twilight tester evenings over 6 weeks to determine how balanced your fitness truly is.


Every 2nd Thursday evening for 6 weeks (17 Jan, 31 Jan and 14 Feb) we’ll be putting your pair to the test in two events.


Rules of the game:


  • Teams of 2, remaining the same two people across the series.
  • 2 events per evening, beginning at 6pm.
  • You can participate in single evenings ($30 pp/per evening), or in all three events ($80pp).
  • 3 divisions: male team, female team, mixed team.
  • Don’t have a team or want to meet some new folks? Email us for a blind date.
  • Please note this event is only open to over 18′s.


Got questions? Never entered a comp event before? Email us with your questions.


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