Now training blog

This is the next level fitness.  You have the plan and you are on track and have been doing this for 1 to 2 years and you understand the movements and you are eating better.

its time to address weakness – areas that need more work on and that your struggling in , if that strength or power or weight loss or what ever your goal is. We dial in these things here.

This is also for people that have indivival training prestriction that’s were train post training and for myself this is we’re ill post

tuesday week 1 phase 1


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  1. titangj says:

    a. monday training 15 mins mobility – get moving and lose

    row 5 mins

    rest 2 mins

    ride 5 mins

    rest 2 mins

    row 5 mins

    rest 2 mins

    ride 5 mins

    a. did some dynamic stretchers and made sure i was loose. this was my first time back at training and it was great.

    the first row was good. i put together some music to go with my rowing and bijke and it helped. kept a moderate pace and the bike the first time was good. i decieded to record my numbers for the next row and rides and ride. the last row and ride i was sweaty. my numbers are as follows

    ride – 1086 m – 40 cal

    row – 1279m – 85 cal

    ride 2.33km – 64 cal – rpm 91 – sweat was pouring off me

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