a. back squat 1rm

b. heavy push press build

c. amrap chinups


a. warmed up at 80kg and went up to 140 and then hit 142.5. previous was 150 with belt but im happy with that. i was maintain my strength in this area so im not too worried.

b.the push press was good. started at 40kg, got to 85 and failed but i got 80kg.

c. 12 chinups in a row with a slight break in between but i was spent after the push press i think . still going to work on my chinups in the next phase



a. bicep curls with bar – 10-8-5-3 – choose med weight x 3 sets – rest 90 secs

b. walking lunges with bb at 45kg , 10 steps – rest 90 secs x 6

c1. 8 weighted stitups @ 30×1 60 secs rest x 3

c2. triceps push downs 6 reps , 60 secs rest x 3 heavy


a. 25kg, 20kg, 17.5, 30×3

b. lunges were easy for me. no problems

c. situps were good i used – 10kg plate , 15kg, 20kg – good and controlled.



a. bench 1rm

b. dip amrap – rest 3 mins x 3

c. incline db press – 3 reps , rest 45 secs x 4


a. warmed up to 120 and did well. my previous was 105kg. do a huge jump. i have been working on strength and size on my chest and will continue this next phase too.

b. 15 dips each sets and a 21 second one

c. incline db press was fine. 12.5,15,17,20- feeling strong


thursday night

i did a circuit class as part of my course which was cool, it had all elements. bike and ball slams and skipping. it was a learning for us to see how there run and get ideas. im doing one of these in a few weeks for assessment.



new phase of training

– so over the next month im going to program for my self and have some fun with my training and add some elements i really enjoy and focus on some areas i wanna do. im training for size and strength and maintainance and i sat down and look at a heaps of reasearch and waying up yes or no if i go down that path. i was looking through you tube and been following a guy called Elliot hustle he is inspirational and also very wise about fitness and training.


he has a program called lean hybrid training http://300workout.net/workout-program/lean-hybrid-muscle-reloaded-review/ – check ou the link and review for more and i devised my new program. its looks like this..

Goal – bigger chest – size and stronger

2. maintain lower leg strength

3. increase chin up volume

4. incorporate some funnies ( strongman training)


so i deversed a program that careers all these area well and it looks like this

mon – chest heavy – 5×5 style training

Tuesday –  hypertrophy strength and volume 

Wednesday – light to heavy pressing – db style , kb training

friday – lb bend – front squats and split squats etc

saturday ( fun day) – strongman – sled pulls farmers carry




check out my blog for updates



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