week 5 german volume training


a. backsquat 10 reps @ 701rm rest 90 sec x 8

b. push press 3 reps , rest 60 secs x 8

c. chinups 3.3.3 rest 2.30 x 3



– did all the squats at 100kg. felt strong when i got to the 7,8 they were getting tough.

– push press was fine 25kg,30,35,37.5,40,45,47,50 – quick and my form was good caught with my accordian

– chinups – i got all done but my upper body was taxted after push press




a1. db bicep curls 6-8 reps , rest 60 secs x 8

a2. db lunges weighted 8 per leg , rest 60 secs x 8

b. side bridges / planks – 45 secs hold – switch x 3

c. triceps push downs drop sets – mod to heavy



1. 8/8 , 9/9 , 10/10, 12.5 / 12.5 , 15kg / 5 kg plates, 15kg /9kg , 17.5 / 10 / 17.5 / bw lunges

2. side bridges were tough but all good. left side need more work

c. 50kg , 45, 41 , 36

59, 54, 45, 41



a. bench press 6 reps , 80 percent of 1rm x rest 90 secs x 6

b. weighted dips , rest 2.30 x 3

c. decline db press – semi supinated grip 8-10 reps , rest 60 secs x 6


a. bench was very strong i did these at 100 kg . i warmed up for 2 sets and did all of these unbroken again. im feeling strong and very happy with my bench.

b. weighted dips i used the assisted dips machine i used 32,36,41

c. 10kg, 12.5,15,17.5 bech press – im going to work on my db work in my next cycle.




i did my first cardio boxfit class. this was fun. i went there for some boxing and paul the instructor was a ais boxing coach and was telling us he was brought in to coach the boxers for olympics. there were some stations set up and like foot movement and punching up in their air and alternating feet. deadlift with plates, knees and punching, shuttle runs , curls and press and cocordiantions and bench press.

– there were a few of us there my teacher and others and i worked up a sweat. i was sore the next day mainly in my calfs, slighly upper body as well.


so one more week of my volume to end my cycle then im going to change things up and im doing my own programming for the next month or so. going to be a learning and fun time for me. been reading lots about what i wanna do and well see how it goes.

my goal is to put more mass in my upper body and strength and keep my lower body strength upp and work on my front squat and deadlift. keep posted for more. my course is going well really enjoying it and learning lots.


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