New direction up up and away

New direction As you all know i have been i have been into competing in cf and loving it. Its time for a change in the training. I have been training for performance and doing the mil fit comp and jugdement day comp and i did well. Very happy with my efforts and getting a pb at judgement day made it all the better. Now im going to work on my upper body strength and size. Compared to alot of other people time to bias my training to get bigger and also stronger. Having been lean for theze comps and stuff it will be a new mindset of eating mors to get big. Going to do it smart and still eating as clean as i can and work my lower body squating too. Squating is something i love and i wanna still keep my strength there. Im awRe of the open coming up i was considering it to have a go at for fun like i do everything. But well see how i go. Time to give the body a rest from these hit ups and stress and just do some heavy pressing and squating. Who knows were it will go and how it will turn out but im ready. Ill post pics of my chest for progression . Also i start my cit study on monday and my quest to become a personal trainer. Learning all i can and getting in deep into something im passion about and wanna dedicate my life too. Im in the business into transforming broken lost people and getting them back on track to through good excersise and the right motivation to achieve thier personal goals through me. Im ready for the ride. R u.


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