week 5 round up – testing week.

on the weekend i did judgement day at queanbeyan and enjoyed myself. the wods were challenging but it was nothin i couldnt do.

wod 1

200 m run

8 burpees jumps

12 front squats @ 60kg

– i got through the wod and the squats were getting heavy and especially after you run. the burppes were ok  but long. overall pretty happy with everything. the atmposphere was incredible lots of like minded people there.


wod 2

amrap in 10 mins

4 kb clean and press @ 24kg

20 kb swings

15 push ups hand touch barbell

10 chinups


– i got 2 rounds for this wod. the chinups were the thin that slowed me down. rest of the stuff was fine


wod 3 – front squat ladder

– had to lift each weight from 50 to 110kg and had 45 secs and if you failed i had to deadlift.

– i got a pb of 95kg. very happy with this. i tired 100 but failed.


tuesday training 

a. 1rm back squat

b. 1 rm bench press

c. 5rm seated db strict press


– 167kg backsquats. this is awesome. i bet my pb by 10 kg i think.

– 110 kg bench – blitz my pb of 95kg. i still had more in the tank thou

– 20kg 5rm



10 rounds for time

10 burpees

10 power cleans @ 60kg


– 11 minutes for this wod. it was tuff, the front squats were heavy and the burpees i kept moving and breathing. i had 4 people watching at the gym and there jaws were dropping.


friday training 

30 min row for distance


– 6622 m for distance. i enjoyed this. listening to pendulm and rowing. good times.


wod 2 judgement day



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