a. back squat 8,8,6,6 @30×1 ; rest 2.30 b/w sets

b. rowing sprints 15 sec for distance ; rest 2.30 x 5

c1. db split lunges @ 3010 ; 8 -10 reps ; rest 45 secs b/w legas x 3 – heavier than last week

c2. seated db press @ 21×2 ; 8-10 reps ; rest 90 secs x 3




a. squats today i did 60,70,85,100 – the 100 felt heavy but depth was fine and it felt good thou

b. 36m





c1,c2- i used the 12.5 kg and used this for the db press and my right side was strong and my left side i strugled a little but i think i had my foot in the wrong position but it was good

seated press was fine . the tempo was interesting.





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