Tuesday and Wednesday week 2 training


A. 75 sec @ 90% effort
DB Power Cleans @ 20kg/hand
rest 3 mins x 3 sets
rest 4 mins
B. 75 sec @ 90% effort
DB Thrusters @ 15 kgs/ hand
rest 3 mins x 3 sets
rest 4 mins
C. 75 sec @ 90% effort
Body Rows – like ring rows but on a barbell in cage, set up barbell about hip height, aim to get chest to bar every rep.
rest 3 mins x 3 set

– the dumbbell powercleans were hard and really took it out of me. I think I may of went a little hard but worked through them.

– the thrusters I found realitive easy and just kept moving . Legs were heavy after powercleans.

– the body rows were fun. I counted each set . 37,36,35.

Thursday training


A. Sumo Deadlift; 8 – 10 reps @ 31X1; rest 2 mins x 4 sets
B. Normal Grip Bench Press; 10, 10, 8, 8 reps @ 30X1; rest 2 mins b/w sets
C. Chin Ups; 3.2.1; rest 2 mins x 4 sets
D. DB Russian Swings @ 40kgs; 12 reps; rest 60 sec x 5 sets.
E. DB Floor Press; 10 reps, rest 60 sec x 4 sets – heavier than last week

70,75,80,90 sumo deadlier weight. Went a lot heavier than last week felt good. Tempo hurts like a bitch.

B. bench press was good. Kept tight and used the following weights
50,60,70 . 70 was getting heavy ish but still managed the 8

C. The chin-ups were good. Very happy with my progression. The last 2 sets were getting hard but managed to finish.

D. These were quick and fast hips extension and to eye level. 40kg db swings like a boss

E. 12.5,15,17,20i were the weight I used. Elevated hips and pressed out.

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