friday / saturday week 1 training

friday training 

a. sumo deadlift – 10 – 12 reps @ 31×1 tempo ; rest 2 mins x 3 

b. normal bench press – 10 – 12 reps @ 30×1 tempo ; rest 2 mins x 3 

c . chin up amrap – no added weight rest 3 mins x 3 

d. back extension – 10 reps , rest 60 secs x 5 – add little load 

e. db floor press 10 reps rest 60 secs x 4 




1. sumo deadlift were good i worked with 50kg,60,75kg. felt really good and i could feel it in my hamstring they were tight. contol up was fine 

2. bench press was good have done this in a while so went light ish.  weights were 40kg,55, that was tough but smooth and 65kg still smooth but had to breathe

3. my chinups last year were total of 3 unbroken and today i got 6,7,6. so frickin happy with these . my chinup progression is coming along swimly. 

4. back extension i used a 5 kg and then 5kg and 10kg – kept tight do good

5. i used the 10kg per hand and made sure my hips were elevated and push up. fine with this


team wod with luke 


a. 30 secs on coco @ 90 percent effort 

b. amrap kb swings @ 32kg 


rest 4 mins x 3 sets 


luke and i joined forces to do our team work out and one did coco and the other did the kb swings then we changed and that was 1 round. the bike was were i found hard in the 2 rounds. my kb swings were awesome. 16,16,13, need to remeber to do quick change over. these team wod were for the upcoming twlight series on thursday at b32. 



a. back squat 10,10,8,8, 30×1 rest 2.30 btw sets 

b. rowing sprints 15 secs for distances , rest 2.30 x 5 

c. db split lunges 3010 – 8-10 reps rest 45 secs x 3 per leg

c2. db dent over rows @ 21×2 – 8 – 10 reps rest 45 secsww x 3 



1. squats were tough my legs were like jelly by 8’s. but got through them. i used 


70x 10

8 x 80

8 x 90 

– good depth 

2. rowing sprints – the rowing machine were out of order the gym had a open day they were using these in the open day stuff 

3. db split lunges – i used the 8 kg db  and the 10kg on last set. these hurt after squating these hurt. 

4. the bent over rows – using the 10kg db focus on squeeing back shoulders and felt good. 


week 1 done and next weeke i have the twlight series with luke. giddy up 



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