tuesday and wednesday training

Tuesday training

a. 90 secs @ 86 percent effort

db push press @ 15kg per hand

rest 3 mins x 2

rest 4 mins

b. 90 secs @ 85 percent effort

goblet squats @ 16 – 24kg kb

rest 3 mins x 2

rest 4 mins


c. 90 secs @ 85 percent effot

bear crawl – distance approx

rest 3 mins x 2



– 15kg dp press was at a good pace. and watching my form

– the second set at the 1 minute mark it was getting tough


the goblet squats i used a 16kg db and this was easy, up down and no problems

i went up for the last set to challenge me and i used a 20kg db. this was good too , unbroken till 90 secs then chipped at the time remaining


the bear crawls were fun too, i was getting some weird looks from the older guys there but by the second time i was sweating lots.




A. TNG power cleans @ light to moderate load , focus on efficiency and breathing and movement rest 90 secs x 4 – don’t add load

– i started at 40 kg and this was too light i did these no problems . havent done any lifting for a month it took a few to get back into the groove. i up the weight to 50kg and this was a better stimulus.

– tough and go was smooth and breathing was good and controlled.


b. ohs tech work – empty bar – 20 reps in total – focus on foot position and get low and deep.

– these were fine , working on that lock out position and staying tight in my core and the depth was fine deep.


c. kb cluster @ 24kg : rest 2 mins x 2

– i used a 24 kg deb to do swings and these were interesting. holding the db like a kb is a different experience and i got it done. first lot was easy and the second lot was a little hard but ok.


d. 7 mins @ 85 pace

150m rower

5 kb snatch per arm @ 16kg ( i used the 16 kg db)


– chipped away at this one. row was fine after i got off controlled my breathing and started my snatch.


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