Friday end of year training

A. 3 kb swings @ 32kg
3 burpees
10 sec on coco
3 burpees
3 kg swings @ 32kg

Rest 3 mins

B. same workout but 15 secs on coco

C. 20 secs on coco


The first part was easy raced through that one. Fast on the kb swings and burpees and coco wasn’t to bad.

The second time coco was A little harder and I was going lactic and I had the same feeling as last time I did sprints on coco.

The 3 time was hard my legs were heavy And at the end more out of breathe and I was lactic. My breathe was funny and same feeling as before.

So. This wraps up my training for a another year and got a some wins such as

@ body fat came down from 16 percent to 8 percent
@ got my weighted pull-ups
@ back squat went up
@ my diet was clean and eating better
@ my score times for some of the testers went down

So very happy with my journey. So next year things will be different . The man cave is closing down and myself and Luke will be training in different locations. I’m off to any time fitness for location and convince of times for my work schedule . My coach will still be programming for me next year.

I have enrolled into cit to study personal training course. This has been along time coming and this is what my heart wants to do. So getting in and studying this will be good.

So that about it . Stay tuned for a new look site with some new things and also check out my mates training blog – this is my mate who I write his program and he’s getting good results from my programming. Ill link this on my page for you to have a look.

Any feedback please let me know. It’s a learning journey fitness and with the help of the community I grow as an up coming coach.


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