saturday and sunday

i travelled down to wagga for the mil fit comp. this was put on for charity. i did this comp beacause i missed out on the smash clash in canberra so i found this one and competed. the day started off at 6am and eating and getting ready and i took my mate shannon down there and ive been training him for the past few months and this was his first exposure to crossfit comp.

rego was done and i was ready to rock and roll. the weather was very iffy down there. the event was outdoors and later in the day it was moved inside. when i arrived i feeled like the odd man out , there was mini camp set up like crossfit victus and crossfit albury and milfit. i felt like i was in lord of the rings waiting for battle.

the first workout was announced, it was funny the judges started bringing out the things like :

* sldge hammers

* tyres

* boxes

* sandbags

* kettlebells

i thoughts this looks like fun. then they announced the wod it was.

10min AMRAPBuy In:
Sand bag run 600m (3x 200m laps) (20/10kg)Remaining time AMRAP10 x sledge hammer hits (10/5kg)
4 x Tractor tyre flips4 x box jump Burpees (60/45)10 x KB Swings (24/16kg)

_ i got 4 rounds in the time and i loved this one. had lots of fun. the other guys i went against struggled with the elements. i was in the first heat as all ways. one day and another to go.

next was recoverty amd watching the others. after speaking to some of the other competitors i found out not alot of peopl have been doing crossfit, one dude i spoke to it was was second comp in 2 weeks and some have only just joined crossfit in the last 3 to 6 months.

the second wod was the tough one and the elements were playing a tough part. slippery bar was fun. the workout was

WOD 2:

Weights 50/25kg

For time (cap 10 min)

Power clean  x 20

Overhead water Jerry carry 50m (25m shuttle) (20kg/10kg)

Back squat x 20

Overhead Jerry carry 50m

Ground to Overhead x 20

Overhead Jerry carry 50m

(Due to weather, event moved indoors and 15 x Hand Release Push Ups were substituted instead of the Jerry Cans)


i did’nt finish the workout. the jerry cans reallyu taxed my shoulders and i didnt finsh i was 2 carry away from finishing it.

all the elements were easy but the jerry can walk was very taxing.

there was also some funish events like an endurance and skill they were :


3000m ROW for time


Max Box Jump
– i completed the max box jump and got 108cm boxjump. i tried for 122cm but failed but i ran out of time. after the second wod i was pretty much done and i didnt complete the row but i will complete it to see how i went. i stayed around for the other events and watched and supported the final event was :

Final WODTop 6 – male & female – RX only1 RM Clean and Jerk
3 attempts  to find 1rm clean n jerk5mins after the final liftAMRAP- 10 minBuy in: Row 500mTHENAMRAP inremaining time
1 x rd complex ( 60/30kg)Complex RD ( 1rd = 1 x Deadlift, 1x hang clean, 1x press/jerk, 1 x back squat, 1x press/jerk) must complete the sequence to continue… If you fail you must go through the sequence again.Once started the bar must not touch the ground.THENRun 40m with sandbag (20kg/10)Return run with 2 x water jerries (20kg/10)(Due to weather the sand bag and jerry run was substituted with 10 Air Squats)
this looked tough but looking at it i could of done this it was a bear complex , which means they could not put the bar down. the highlight was the 1rm mens and one guy clean and jerked 125kg. huge event. overall this was good comp.
my mate shannon wants to do one of these comps and next one youll probaly see him in this one and he got inspired to do a wod. that as a up and coming trainer is humbling for me to inspire others my job is done..
* lunges and squats in the water x 10 each
* breath stroke x5
* walking and running full length of pool
underwater swim x 4
went into the spa for 10 mins. felt good
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