Tuesday double tester

A. 21-15-9
Power clean @50kg

Rest 20 mins

Repeat part a


2. 5.53

* the first time was pretty good. I went hard with the power cleans and did the first lot u broken and then the Buprees. These were ok. The 15’s were the worst but did 10 pc and then the rest. The Buprees were good,kept moving. The 9’s were quick and the Buprees I trucked through it.

I rested the time and I recovered good. My upper arms were very balloon after the power cleans and the second time it hit me. I went a little hard on the Buprees and did the 21-15 all unbroken and had to break up the 9. My Buprees were a little faster but I need to work on my breathing.

Spoke to my coach and he did this one at 6okg and he said it sucked. We are going to try and get it under 4 mins.

So today I went and enrolled in my studies to become a personal trainer and I can start doing this stuff that I love for a living. I am very excited to get my head into this stuff. It’s my passion and dream.

I was very shakey after the workout and I was very hungry. My energy levels today have been up and down but had a few extra carbs to help.
rest day tomorrow And back thursday for some fun before I head to wagga for comp.



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