friday and saturday

a1. 1 clean and 1 front squat and 1 push jerk ; rest 90 secs x 10 sets . add load 4 and 8

* this was good. need to do push jerk properly and not a push press.

* loads were 40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75kg

* i tried 80 but my cns was saying no way

b. 50 FRONT SQUATS @1010 tempo ; rest 2 mins @ 20kg x 2

* this was tough. even with the bar my legs were heavy after the first set. over the next few weeks its going to get heavier and more tough

c. db strict press and db push press 10 of each @ 15kg rest 2 mins x 4

* my shoulders were already taxed the strict press my left side was easier than right for some reason.

* the push press was fine, need to remember to get my head through.

d. strict chinup 3 . rest 2 mins x 3 – add weight each set.

1. 3kg

2. 5kg

3. 10kg

– these were easy. remeber to lock out.


40 mins walk and run at 85 percent every 8 mins for 2 mins.

* this was cruisey. went for a half walk to lake and it was a nice day and i enjoyed it. the run was fine. started out jog and i picked up the other runs.

* my breathe was moderate but i recovered from it easy

found this and wanted to share


some pics from   session with shan this morning



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