a. backsquat 2 reps ; rest 3 mins x 5 – go heavy risk failure

1. 100

2. 110

3. 120

4. 130

150 x 1 – very happy with this need to stay tight with it. but good that i got one. i was feeling it this week.


b. power clean and push press cluster 1.2 ; rest 2 mins x 5 ; add load each set


2. 50

3. 55

4. 60

5. 70 – slight struggle with the push press but it went up fast . good thou


c. sa kb bent over row 15,12,9,7,5,3, ; no rest btw sets – use same weight for all

* i used the 16kg. this was tough with no break but i got through it


2 weeks out until my comp in wagga and training going well and my diet going well to. im sitting out 95kg mark and feeling good. i wanna get down to about 93 mark for comp but if im up a little thats ok.


backsquat 150kg


this dude means business



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