friday training

a. emom for 10 mins snatch

– increase 5,7,10 mark

rest 5 mins



– started at 40kg and build up to 70kg. my snatch from the ground were fast and felt good.


b. 5  thrusters @ 40kg

2 pullups

rest 2 mins



* the thrusters were easy and fast. all unbroken. the pullups were good.


c. 3 front squat and jerk

rest 3 mins x 3


* i decided to go light meduim heavy and it was great

* 60kg – light easy

70kg  – good

80kg – up fast good control


d. kettlebell push press 12 reps per arm ; rest 1 min

* started with the 16kg and then the 24kg

* fine all round


– so a pretty fun week. looking at stuff im working on and put it together really well. as an up coming coach its good to look at what your doing and do something similar.

* my coach should be happy with my choices and he’s back next week so back on his program and i might ask if i can do this again. i really enjoyed it.





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