tuesday push day

this week program is done myself this week. my coach is on holidays so im programming for myself and looking at things i suck at and building on those and adding in those fun elements too. so i looked at my previous tuesday and there was bench press and db push press and dips and rows. so this is what i did


a. floor press 7-10 reps @ 24kg kettlebell . per arm, rest 1 min

a2. kb push presh @ 24kg – 5 reps , 8 reps on last 2


1. 7 fp , 5 pp, left was easy than right side i found

2. 7 fp , 5 pp better over all

3. 10 fp , 9 pp

4. 8 fp , 8 pp


b. pushups on ring

5.5.5 rest 2 mins , 3 sets


* these were wobble to start with but as i got into it they were fine, went fast and felt good


c. handstand holds 45 secs. rest 1.30 x 4


* previous before it was 35 secs so i up it to 45 secs. these were good. very soild. no issues , i wanted to do a one handed one but no luck.


d. kettlebell row @ 16 and 24kg , no rest between sets

7- 10 15 @ 16kg

5 ,2,1 @ 24kg


* no problem



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