friday training

a. power snatch plus 2 ohs . rest 2 mins x 6 sets. build over sets



3. 37.5



6. 47.5

– good combo. power snatch were fast and the head were ok. havent done these in a while had to get the sweet spot fore these but did them no problems. good stability. kept tight


b. front squat then power clean catch position 3 reps @ 100 percent rm of power clean . rest 2 mins x 5 sets

* i used 90kg and to start out i was weird movement but as i worked through it i got the right catch and my hammies were burning. catching in that power position. these were tough but i enjoyed  these.


c. push press 10 reps fast ; 5 burpees ; rest 2 mins x 4

1. 40 kg


3. 45

4. 47.5

the push press were quick and fast and the burpees were fine. worked on fast hand transition and hands down fast. as i went up worked on breathing and burpees were good.


d. amrap strict chinups. – 4 mins


* my shoulders were already activated from the previous stuff so i was ready. i said i could do 20. i got 24 in total.

* did 9 ub to start and then broke them up into 1’s and 2’s.


cooking time

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