wednesday training

a. 3 sets on coco 100 percent effot

30 secs on coco

10 unbroken thrusters @30kg

rest 3 mins

+ rest 5 mins


3 sets

50m sprint

afap 15 snatch @ 16kg per arm no rest

rest 3 mins

and rest 5 mins


3 sets

50 skips

10 trye flips afap

rest 3 mins




_ the first coco was ok and my legs were heavy but fine. recovery was quick

_ need to breathe with thrusters but all unbroken . smooth and control

_ thrusters got harder at the 6 mark was a slit stall but keep going


1. very wobble run. my legs were heavy after coco and lactice build up. i times each set to0.

1.30 first time and left arm was hard

2. better run and faster kb . 1.06

3. run was faster and kb swings too. 57 secs


1. 56 secs . 35 skips unbroken and trye flips fast

2. 52 secs . ub skips and fast trye flips – i enjoy these

3. 50 secs – ub skips and flips were fine




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