new cycle comp prep

well back into gym properly for 2 weeks. ive been away on a mini holiday to refresh myself and i said to myself i had to do some exercise and people say i dont have time. that’s bs and i found time to do some exercise.


so i looked at my next cycle and i wanted to compete in the smash clash and i wasnt in town and i was disappointed but i found another comp to go in and its in my home town of waggaa wagga. check out the link for the details it’s for charity to help the commando’s


this is what im training for and also the judgement day at crossfit queanbeyan next  year. next year im going to study and get my cert 34 and 4 in personal training. im very excited about this and i love for this stuff and wanna get involved into people’s lives to change and inspire them to be fit and healthy. i keep you posted on my progress.


so after coming back i have begun the strict diet again to cut down for the comp. no sugar just meat and nuts and leaf vegs. lots of water too. i started yesterday and im at 98kg.


Tuesday training


a. bench press 4 tough reps. rest 1 min x 4 heavy

a2. db push press ; 10 reps; rest 34 mins x 4


b1. 2 wall walks unbroken ; 30 sec rest x 3

b2. amrap bardips – rest 90 secs x 3 sets


c. bent over kb rows. 12-9-6 same load across sets. no rest







90x 2

* these were good .did a few warm up at 40 and 50 and started at 60kg.the 90 was tough. but got 2 out.


* 10kg , 12.5kg,15kg,17.5kg – these were unbroken and were no problem. my push press is looking good. accordion is working good.


b. the wallwalks were good controlled up and down and the dips were great. 10 dips across the 3 sets. just think i couldn’t  do 1 dips 6 months ag. so happy


c. this was quick and easy. used the 16kg kb. good session today

so inspiration for you


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