friday aerobic power session

a. 3 mins @ 85 percent – 90 percent effort

coco ( the deverstator bike)


then rest 5 mins


3 mins @ 90 % effort

10 barbell thrusters

10 beck burpees


rest 5 mins


3 mins @ 93 % effort

10 goblet squats with 24 kg Kettlebell

10 kb swings


rest 5 mins


3 mins @ 95 percent effort





* when i saw this i said shit but after doing it i wasnt so bad.

* the first ride on coco was good. kept a moderate pace

* the thrusters were hard and burpees were fast. i got 3 rounds in 3 mins

* the goblet squats were good, a huge differtence from last week when i did them at 32kg. they started to slow done by 4th round. the swings were quick

* the last ride on coco was long and was starting to hurt. i slowed down at 2 min but kept going.


overall pretty cruise session and i have training tomorrow




60 min walk and every 5 mins do 10 push burpees





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