tuesday leg and shoulder burn

a. back squat 2 reps. @ 30×1. 6 sets . rest 3 mins

* i warmed up at 110 and started at 125

* 125,130,135,137.5, 140,140

* we noticed an istablity in one of my legs and will be addressing it  with single leg work. very heavy day today.


b. pullup cluster . rest 2.30 x 3


– these are looking the money. smooth and flowing well


c. one handed kb farmer walk @ 32kg. walk for 2 mins. rest 1 min btw sides x 5


* long and heavy and got through it

8 my shoulder and for arms were jacked


d. 15,12,9,5 kb rows @ 32kg .no rest between arms or sets


* this was tough and slighly out of breath too. heavy



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