friday bench

a. bench press cluster . rest 3 mins x 3


* i went way to heavy on this to start. i saw poker machine eyes and i wanted to challenge myself so i warmed up at 70kg and it was heavy

* i droped to 60 and was a stuggle too . so i used these as my warmup. so i bit the bullet and saw there was alot of reps and wanted to get the work done.

* so i went lower

1. 40

2. 42.5

3. 45

the last 6 were tough and the 4 as well. i think i fucked my cns with the 2 heavy warm ups.


b. amrap in 10 mins @ 32kg kettlebell

7 goblet squats @ 32 kg kettle bell

7 kettlebell swings


– this was horrible. my arms went all baloon like

_ got 8 rounds.

– terible






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