saturday and sunday training

my week been pretty hectic and my train has been that way. i had to do some weekend session to catch up. i hate not working out and getting my stuff done.


saturday session




goblet squats with kettlebell

single arm clean and press


100 turish get up for time


* the first part was easy. just cruised through this. the pushups were all unbroken and the squats were easy and the press were good

* turish getups were long long long. and painful.






50 kb press

100 pushups

150 situps

200 squats

300 single skips

400 m run


* i did this on sunday and did the following order

50kb press – these were easy. started with my right and then changed. i found my left side was alot stronger and easy

300  single skips – easy and smooth

150 situps – grindered through these

200 squats – long and heavy

100 pushups – alot of press ups and broke it up. 30 unbroken then broke it down to 10’s then as i got into it i broke to 5’s and 3’s

400 m run – good flush my legs wont go. very heavy


back to normal next week sunday session


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