monday training

a. back squat 3 reps . 30×1 tempo , rest 2.30 x 5

1. 90


3, 110

4. 120

5. 127.5

* felt really good. legs were sore from previous day but i think it helped.

* soild and did well


b. pullup cluster rest 2 min x 4


* the first ones are allways quick but these are getting better and some what easy

* just think i didnt have any pullup at all when i first started


c1. push press . rest 30 secs x 5

c2. one handed farmers walk @ 32 kg kb for 2 mins ; rest 1 min x 5


* this was ok. my forearms hurt so much and the push press i used the following


* the reason for the weights was to practice my form and get things right. i did gradually . by 5 i was feeling it.

* the kb carry were long and had top lock my shoulders whilst carry but theses were good back squat video



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