a. bench press close norrow and wide

5.5.5 ret 90 secs x 3



2. 60

3. 70 – struggled with last 2 reps. really fought for it.

other wise did great.


b. 3 wall walks . rest 10 secs x 4

b2. 20 static lunges with 40 kg . rest 2 mins x 4 sets


– these were fine. my butt hurts today thou


c. 2,4,6,8,6,4,2, @ 100 kg and in between reps do 1 handstand hold against wall for 20 secs


these were fun.

deadlift were easy . went touch and go on the 8-6

my handstands were awesome. so happy with them



big ups to my fellow gog luke for hitting his bsq pb yesterday. well done champ



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