Coco Loco – 45sec as fast as possible; seated rest 4mins x 5 sets

B. 20min AMRAP
20 KBS @ 32kgs
20 Deadlifts @ 100kgs
20 Push Press @ 50kgs


It’s never fun on coco and the thing that sucked was the seated rest. Before I could get my legs moving but this time I sat still. My legs were cramping up and it was hard. The first 2 sets were ok but after that I struggled. Legs would not pump.

The workout my legs were heavy and I pretty taxed from the bike. The kettle bell swings were fine and I struggled with the deadlifts and I found the pushups easy this time around.
I got 2 rounds 15 swings . My coach said to me need to be up around 6 rounds.

Rest day tomorrow and back for 1rm Friday



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