friday aerobic latic

a. 20 ssec on coco @ 100 percent . rest 1 min x 6 sets

mouth dry and legs heavy

at the 15 sec mark power drops slighly


b. 10 db thrusters ; rest 1 min x 6

@ 10 kg db

good and controlled and legs were heavy


c. 8- 10 burpees . afap rest 1 min x 6

1. 24

2. 22

3. 21

4. 20

5. 19

6. 19


i timed all my set to see how i go and i go faster as the sets wet on.

working on faster transition and it went well


d. amrap in 8 mins

2 wall walks

4 snatch with kb @ 24kg

6 sqyat jumps


– 6 rounds

used a 16kg kettle bell couldnt snatch the 24kg wantd to keep the intenstivy and get it done

it was tough but i kept moving


over all a good week of training some wins there and heading into testing i think next week we ll see how i go.



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