saturday training

on saturday i took my 2 mates they i look after up mt ainslie and put them through a work out. both boys have very different fittness levels and one has been training under my guidance for 2 months and now the other one has come on board was getting board of his routine and asked me to help me out and that is exactly what i did .


we walked up mt ainslie. i got the 2 boys to do a series of movements like climbing, bear crawl and we found a concrete block in the bush and used that for the majortity og the time. the boys took turns in carrying and doing squats and pushups on it.


it was a good session for both boys and  i did very well and what i planed they seemed to enjoy and well revisted this in a few months to see how there fittness is going.


the boys joe on right an shan on left



shan climbing over the barrier


who said piggy races were not fittness



joe with borris having some snuggle time – situps



at the top


post wod interview with boys


post wod





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