tuesday upper body smash

a. omni grip bench press , wide, normal and close.

3.3.3 @ 30×1 rest 2 mins x 3


a2. chin up wave cluster 3,2,1 3,2,1 . rest 2 mins x 3




1. 40kg bench – fine havent done bench for a while but was good

– chinups were as follows 3,2,1 went up quick 2,2,1 – couldn’t get last rep on 3 set.

2.50 kg bench –  good control on bench.

– 32,1 – all fine up good. then i took a longer rest to do the 3. took about 1 45 sec to min rest. 3,1,1

3. 60 kg – control was good and got all reps.

– 3,2,1, – fine 2,1,1, i was taxed at the second 2 really had to fight for the last reps


b. push up Amrap -3 . rest 2 mins x 3


1.21 rep

2. 21

3. 16


– getting tired towards the last set really had to fight for the reps


c. kb clean and press ladder 10- 1 . @ 24kg per arm – idea to do unbroken but rest as necessary to get the reps done


– this was very tough. i started with my weak side which was my left and struggled with the load. had to use 2 hands to help gt it up. my shoulders were quite taxed from the other stuff. but i did them all. slighty out of breath and sweaty

– my right side was easy and did those relative unbroken but had to stop for the high sets like 7 – 8 but completed it




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