monday week 2

a. hang clean pull . 1 rep ; rest 30 secs x 10




– 40,50,60,65,70,70,80,85,90

– need to be more explosive on these and pull with my toes. more viloent


b. mid hang power clean

1 rep every 30 secs for 10 mins ( heavy than last week)

– started at 40 and up load to 50 at 4 min mark then kg on the 8 min.

– catch was good and felt happy


c. 1 1/4 front squat ; 25 resp @ 30 kg . rest 1 min x 2




these hurt. did first set unbroken and need to remember to breath and  second set i did 12,10, 5 spilt. legs were heavy but got through it


– coach was back today and luke was there today and was good to have people to chat too.


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