monday new phase week 1

a. high hang power clean

1 rep every 30 secs for 10 mins

add load on min 4 and 8








felt good and catching in the right spot


b. clean pulls @ 100  clean 1rm  @ 90kg

2.2.2. rest 2 mins and 3 sets


– these took a bit to get

– need to work on dynmanic deadlift to get the speed up.


c. 1 1/4 front squat , 30 reps

rest 60 secs x 2 sets – with barbell


– these hurt. full range of motion down and come up to the half squat or catch postion and back up.

– 3o reps on second set was tough. legs heavy


– overall good workout. 45 mins and finished. its one on one atm.

_ going to have wednesday off this cycle to let my body have a rest




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