Thursday snatch

A. High hang power snatch
2 reps . No rest x 10 sets

A2. Behind the neck push press
5 reps. No rest x10

A3.jerk from behind neck
7 reps , 3 mins rest btw sets x10

1.empty bar
2. 22.5
5. 30
6. 32.5
7. 35
8. 37.5
9. 40
10. 42.5


This was fun. The power snatch was the tricky bit. Working on speed and catch.the behind the neck push press was great. Brooke at hips and went up fast. The jerk was easy.

Still need to split lunge more.

B. 15 reps kb snatch
No rest btw hands x 3 sets


These were tough and shoulder were already jacked after the super super set. Good day of training. I think the relaxing music . Thanks Ethan.

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