dynamic monday

a. dynamic dead lifts

10 reps @ 11×0 , rest 2 mins x 4







hook grip for the deadlifts today. have’nt done deadlifts for a while. it was fun. speed and working on opening up the hips and this will translate into the power clean and the squat clean too


b. dynamic front squat

10 reps @ 22×1 , rest 2 mins x 4



3. 50

4. 52.5


these were tough and very deceiving and working on exploding out of the hole and remember to pause at bottom. these were fun too.


c. floor press , 12,12,10,10 @ 31×1 , rest 3 mins


1.40kg – 12 reps

2. 45 – 12 reps

3. 55 – 10 reps

4. 60 – 10 reps


hand position was the hard bit for these and working on that explode up. laying on the floor and a wider grip is very different to what im used too.


good session today . just me and coach, shooting the shit and chatting about life and training.


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